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Website Process

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Website Process
Building and owning a web site does not have to be difficult at all! We strive to make owning a website a pleasurable and carefree experience, as it should be. Let us be your guide.



Determine the function of the website
The first step is to begin a discussion regarding what you would like your website to do for you and your business. The decisions we make at the beginning will guide us through the other steps. We encourage you to be creative and flexible. We will also plan ahead and discuss your future ambitions for your website so that we can have scalability built right in. Once we have determined the best solution for you, a refundable* deposit will be requested to continue. MikeYaroSoft will register your domain name (or transfer your existing domain) and make hosting arrangements.



Design the visuals and user interface
The very first part of your website that visitors will remember is the graphic layout, so that is where we begin our design process. We will request corporate logo and branding information. If you do not already have this, we will develop a visual brand for you including corporate logos and a standardized palette of colors. Then we will create a sample design and work closely with you to modify the design until you are satisfied. Once the design is completed, we proceed to adding the user interface including menus and effects. We will also design a favicon, the small image that appears in browsers next to your web address.



Add content and functionality
The most critical of the development process, step three requires close communication with you. Unlike other website designers, MikeYaroSoft will work closely with you to author your content. We will help choose the right wording and phrases in order to best highlight your products or services. In addition, we will add images and other graphics to supplement the text and provide a complete online solution. This is the step where we integrate any special functionality including interactive forms, file management systems, or e-commerce applications.



Finalize and test the finished website
Finally, we thoroughly test the site to ensure that it fully meets the needs specified at the project's inception. We check for typographical or grammatical errors, broken hyperlinks, and add-on functionality. In addition, we perform a thorough search engine optimization to increase your website's priority on popular search engines like Google and Yahoo. We will work very closely with you through this final stage to fine-tune the website to satisfy all of your requests.



Keeping your website up-to-date is even easier!
Most websites don't require any ongoing support. However, if you need to update your website, changes are simple! If your website was built to support it, you can even make certain content changes right from your own computer without any additional software or training required. Of course, your MikeYaroSoft project manager will always be on call to provide assistance when you need to make more significant changes.

*Deposits are refundable if either the client or MikeYaroSoft terminates the project. Any billable services rendered by MikeYaroSoft prior to termination will be deducted from the refundable amount.