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Website Portfolio
Here is a selection of our clients with websites that demonstrate our skills, from the simplest websites to the most advanced fully-interactive solutions.

Princeton USGPrinceton University | Undergraduate Student Government

The student government website for the 2009 USG
The Princeton Undergraduate Student Government (USG) asked Michael to design a completely new website that built on the strengths of the previous site while enhancing the overall aesthetics and usability. The new USG site features an RSS feed so that students can stay updated at all times, a new drop-down menu system for easier navigation, and the integration of shared Google Docs among the USG senators. The website will serve the undergraduate student body as the official resource of USG updates and general information.

Voices of AfricaPrinceton University Voices of Africa

Princeton University's Premier Africa-Focused Publication
The newly-formed Princeton University Voices of Africa group contacted MikeYaroSoft to build a website that would enable them to publish their newsletter. It was critical that the website allowed the editorial board to use a simple administrative interface to publish articles, which MikeYaroSoft delivered using the Joomla CMS interface. Now, the editors can easily upload and manage the articles on the USG site. The client also requested a discussion forum, a calendar, and information pages.

fastfeetteaserFast Feet Soccer Camp

Summer camp serving northern New Jersey
Fast Feet Soccer Camp was founded in 1997 and has grown to become one of northern New Jersey's finest summer camps for young soccer athletes. The website features an online registration form that sends a confirmation message to the registrant. In addition, a downloadable PDF form that allows users to type their information is included. We also added the ability to write the submitted information to a database and collect credit card payment online. The website has been online since 2006.

JColePhotoJames Cole Photography

Freelance Photographer
James Cole is a Princeton University undergraduate with a passion for photography. He wanted to build a website that allowed him to share his portfolio. James' website features a flash interface with a fluid and streamlined design. For effortless management, the website allows James to log in and update his portfolio and personal information.

Pharmaceutical Review ServicesPharmaceutical Review Services

Collection agency serving hospitals around New Jersey
The company requested a website which not only provided information about their services but also allowed them to upload files to a secure area divided into different workspaces for pokies games online each client hospital. MikeYaroSoft met their requests by including a project management workspace directly on the website secure area. In addition, the website was designed to conform to the company's preexisting logos and coloring. The website is still under construction in the third step of creation.

WVNHSPrinceton Class of 2012

University class page (intranet access only)
The Princeton class of 2012 website is only available to those using computers within the Princeton University network for security reasons. The website is used by the class government and class committees to provide updates to the class. This website features a blog layout where select users can log in and add articles. In addition, visitors can comment on the articles. Princeton2012.com has been online since July 2008.

CDY4USGConnor Diemand-Yauman for USG President

Campaign website
Connor Diemand-Yauman requested a website that would highlight his qualifications in his campaign to become the president of the University Student Government at Princeton University. This website features crisp graphics and a simple interface. The website was launched in November 2008, and Connor won his election one week later.

NJ FBLA-PBLFuture Business Leaders of America - Phi Beta Lambda (NJ)

Student business organization (term as webmaster completed)
The New Jersey chapter of this nationwide organization appointed Michael Yaroshefsky of MikeYaroSoft to serve as webmaster in the fiscal year beginning in 2005. Pleased with the website, the organization reappointed Michael in 2006. After completing his second term, Michael ran for office and was elected as state and national president, thereby resigning from his position as webmaster. The website under Michael's term featured a design highlighting the annual theme and the organization's colors. The website was under MikeYaroSoft's administration from July 2005 to August 2007. The current webmaster was selected by Michael.

Music Lady CarolMusic Lady Carol

Freelance musician and music coach
Carol Walker is a freelance musician who provides a variety of services ranging from vocal coaching to piano accompaniment. Mrs. Walker requested a simple website that would enable her simply to list her services and allow prospective customers to contact her. MikeYaroSoft designed a template for Mrs. Walker, but she is responsible for editing the content. The website has been online since January 2007.

WVNHSWayne Valley National Honor Society

High school organization for honor students
The Wayne Valley chapter of the National Honor Society requested a website that would enable them to keep their members up-to-date on upcoming events. In addition, the adviser requested a way for members to easily submit a record of their community service through the website. The WV NHS website features a simple layout and the interactive form. This website has been online since November 2006.

WVNHSLehrman Chorus

Chorus class page (retired)
Mrs. Carol Lehrman of Wayne Valley High School was using a free online service to keep a class page. However, she was looking for more flexibility in her website. A key feature was the ability for her to easily edit her own website, because she needed to make frequent updates. MikeYaroSoft built the website for Mrs. Lehrman and turned it over for her to edit. When Mrs. Lehrman retired in 2008, the website was taken down.