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Website Features

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Website Features
Our website design services offer the following features that make all the difference in the world wide web.


Attractive, Clean, and Easy-to-Navigate Designs

All of the "oohs" and "ahs" without the "huh?
When developing a website, we keep these three principles in mind. First, given the importance of the first impression, we ensure that our designs are immediately stunning and welcoming. Then, we ensure that the designs are clean -- no unnecessary flashiness or clutter. And finally, we optimize the site for ease of use, because, after all, a website must do more than just look good. We take special care to develop websites with an ergonomic and tactile feel; everything is where it intuitively should be, and navigation is fluid and logical.

pennyCost Effective Solutions

Our prices are up to 50% lower than our competitors
Founded by a Princeton student studying operations research and financial engineering, MikeYaroSoft was developed on a lean business model which ensures that we can provide our customers with rates that are often breathtakingly lower than our competitors. These low prices, however, do not come at the expense of quality. It is through our efficient model that we can deliver the highest quality results at a price that will have you breathing easy. After all, our goal is to help you succeed. When our clients win, we win.


Total Website Management

Because you shouldn't have to worry about the technical stuff
Let MikeYaroSoft take care of everything for you, from the technical to the mundane. Our goal is to shield you from having to worry about sifting through jargon, choosing hosting packages or registrars, configuring DNS or email accounts. We will completely manage your website so all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the compliments you are sure to receive. We prefer to maintain a close ongoing relationship with our customers rather than just "build it and forget it." That's our commitment to you.


Professional and Flexible Email

Connect with the world easily and professionally
It is absolutely critical to keep your correspondences professional with an email address at your domain. And it is equally imperative that you have flexibility to communicate effectively from wherever you are. Upgrade to our Google Apps package that offers up to 200 e-mail addresses on your domain with over 7 gigabytes of storage per user. Never delete another email! Use Google's award-winning Gmail interface to manage your email from anywhere in the world where you have internet access. Configure your service to synchronize email across all of your devices including your desktop computer, your laptop, and your Blackberry or other compatible mobile device so that everything you need is always at your fingertips.


Interactive and Dynamic Forms

Allow visitors and customers to contact you with ease
Getting feedback is important to making the sale. Let us configure interactive forms so that your visitors can request more information about your services or even purchase your products directly from your website. At your request, we can implement javascript to build interactive forms that change on the fly depending on options chosen by the visitor. Automatically send confirmation messages to the visitor, including a copy of their responses. Allow us to connect the form to a database for easy data management.


Direct Website Editing

Take control of your own site without special software or skills
Choose our interactive website design package and put the power of editing your own website at your fingertips. Although MikeYaroSoft provides responsive ongoing support for your website, for those who wish to take command of their own site, we can configure your website so that you can securely log in and make changes to text and certain images. Instantaneously make changes to your contact information, dates, prices, or updates. The power is in your hands.


Adobe PDF Professional Documents

Use the industry standard to ensure compatibility
We only use the latest professional tools provided by Adobe Systems, the leader and industry standard when it comes to portable documents. We can create basic Adobe PDF documents such as brochures or fact sheets based on the files and information you provide us. Take your presentation to the next level by including an animated introduction within your PDF, or add fillable forms right to the document to allow your visitors to type directly on the forms before printing them. PDF is at your command.


Project Management Systems

Collaborate with employees and clients right on your own website
Easily share files among your own employees and clients directly through a secure section of your website. Easily organize your workspaces and choose who has access to which files or folders. This is an excellent way to provide limited access to files for certain customers or to keep track of progress on certain projects. The system includes a group calendar, task list, and a file manager and can be customized to suit your requirements.


Easy Website Backup

Always be prepared for the unexpected
We can easily backup your website to be restored at a later point. Although we take measures to safeguard our sites against downtime or malicious attacks, in case something happens to your site, backups allow the site to easily be restored to its original state. At your request, we can even give you the functionality to perform a backup simply by visiting your site, logging into the backup manager, and performing a full backup at the click of a button.


Ongoing Support

We don't just build websites: we also build relationships
Maintaining good relationships with our clients is a crucial portion of how we strive to deliver excellent customer service. Feel confident that we are always available to help however we can. Even years after we build your website, we are there for you to provide any type of support, whether technical or otherwise. We are in your corner when you need us most.